Find the furniture, lights, appliances, decorations, plants, and materials you need to quickly bring you SketchUp models to life."

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Design, visualize, render - Faster than ever

Podium Browser is a premium component library containing over 40,000 high-quality models and   materials, with hundreds added each month.  All models from 3D trees to furniture are render ready for SU Podium and PodiumxRT but also are highly suitable to stand alone SketchUp exterior and interior designs.    

Render Ready

Items in Podium Browser are already configured to be rendered with SU Podium or just use with SketchUp.

    •   Thousands of manufacturer specfic light fixtures, cars, decoration items.
    •   High quality textures for materials.
    •   2D and 3D trees, plants, interior plants, all types of manufacturer specific furniture and appliances.

Podium Browser works just like the 3D Warehouse — Simply click on a thumbnail in the Browser to download the content into your SketchUp model.  You can then render using SU Podium, ProWalker or Podium Walker if desired.      Podium Browser components and materials are developed with considerable detail and suited well for SketchUp designs. 

Case Studies

These four scenes were created almost entirely with Podium Browser components and rendered with SU Podium. Click through the images to see a breakdown of the Podium Browser components used in each image:

Podium Browser content is included with an SU Podium V2.6 license. If you own SU Podium V2.6 you already have access to everything in Podium Browser — just press the Browser icon in the Podium toolbar and start designing!

Podium Browser stand-alone. If you are not interested in SU Podium rendering extensions and just use SketchUp or use a different rendering extension, the thousands of high quality components are very suitable for SketchUp exterior and interior designs. Podium Browser can be puchased as a stand-alone content library for $99 USD per year. This includes access to hundreds of new components that are added each month during the term of the license.

Try SU Podium V2.6 Try Podium Browser stand-alone Try PodiumxRT a very inexpensive, real time path tracing program that supports all of Podium Browser materials and lights