Contest Showcase: Joe Pretorius (Honorable Mention)

SU Podium living room render

Gorgeous interior render by Joe Pretorius created with Podium Browser components and SU Podium.


Joe's stunning living room render was constructed almost entirely out of Podium Browser components and textures. We loved the creative layout, bold lighting, attention to detail, and impeccible technical execution.

Scene setup:

Empty SketchUp scene
Layout and dimensions
Stone wall texture

Stone Wall 03

Paving SketchUp material Podium Browser

Paving 15

Corten SketchUp texture

Corten 02

Brick SketchUp texture

Brick 18

Walnut texture from Podium Browser

Bread Box 01

Joe uses five different Podium Browser materials to texture the interior and exterior walls, and floors. The stairs are custom modeled, and painted with Corten 02, and the glass railings are from a modified Podium Browser component. Ceiling height is approximately 26 feet.

Joe also gave us a lot of insight into his process throughout the duration of the contest. His work in progress images are a demonstration of how quickly you can iterate and refine your ideas using Podium Browser:

Room with furniture
Adding sunshine to room
Living room with furniture render
Test render with color grading
Final room configuration with furniture

Notice that the layout of the main furniture items was set fairly early, and everything else was designed around that idea. Material combinations and lighting design were changed several times, before a final composition and palette were locked down. Between the penultimate and final WIP image, Joe simply spends some time filling up the scene with additional decorative items from the Browser.

Getting creative with the Browser: The suspended ceiling fixture that Joe uses is customized from an existing Podium Browser component. Here is the component before and after Joe made alterations; he's deleted the frame, elongated the bulb, darkened the metal, and rearranged the lights into an appealing suspended pendant design.

Hanging Podium Browser light fixture
Podium Browser light fixture

Dressing the scene:

Ultimately, these were the furniture pieces, light fixtures, and decorative items that Joe used to populate his space.

Podium Browser furniture:

SketchUp chair component

Airline Chair

Glass table from Podium Browser

Cappellini New Antiques 6

Leather couch thumbnail

Arizona Leather Zen

Sideboard furniture

Sideboard 01

Podium Browser light fixtures:

Cooper Recessed 30GT

Hanging light fixture

Hinkley Fulton 3335DZ

Table lamp

Driftwood Table Lamp

Wall light fixture

Hinkley Congress 3175

Decorations, foliage, miscellaneous:


VP Carpet 13

Decorative sculpture

VP Sculpture 02

3D vase with flowers

Vase Flowers 36

3D vase with flowers

Vase Flowers 33

Podium Browser wall decoration

VP Picture 14

3D Ikea curtains

Ikea Matilda Open

Podium Browser is included with the purchase of an SU Podium V2.6 license, or you can purchase Podium Browser alone for $99 / year.

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