Contest Showcase - Gary Petrovski (3rd Place)

SU Podium kitchen render

Third place image from Podium Browser render contest by Gary Petrovski.


Gary's kitchen was impeccably executed from design to composition, lighting, and post-processing. We loved the feel of the image, and the fact that the whole scene was built around the Podium Browser "Kitchen 03" cabinet/island set. The material properties and lighting showcase many of SU Podium's greatest strengths, and the close attention to fine detail elevate the image to near-photorealistic levels.

Scene setup

Here are the Podium browser components used to construct the basic layout of the kitchen:

Podium Browser cupboard component

Kitchen 03 - Cupboard 01

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen 03 - Cupboard 02

Kitchen island

Kitchen 03 Island

Kitchen wall unit

Kitchen 03 Wall Unit

The kitchen 03 set is used more or less as-is, the only modification being a slightly different paint color. Gary also adds a Podium Browser sink and faucet to the Kitchen Island next to the range. Most of the other construction elements and appliances are also from Podium Browser:


Stairs 03

Kolbe sliding door in SketchUp

Kolbe Terraspan panel door

Window in SketchUp

Window 04


Refrigerator Freezer 01

Ikea sink component in SketchUp

Ikea Bredskar 02


Tap 01

Podium Browser Materials:

Podium Browser concrete

Concrete 02

Podium Browser concrete material

Concrete 14

SketchUp brick texture

Brick 18

SketchUp walnut texture

Walnut 02

Wood floor texture tiling

Wood Floor 07

Attention to detail: If you look closely, Gary has filled the built-in wine storage on the kitchen island with bottles of wine from Podium Browser. This sort of attention to subtle detail always helps sell an image and make the render feel more convincing.

SketchUp wine rack

Kitchen Island 03

SketchUp wine bottle

Wine 01

Podium Browser wine rack closeup

Close-up wine rack

Completing the kitchen:

With most of the scene in place, it's just a matter of populating the space with items from Podium Browser. The Podium Browser kitchen category is one of the most fully developed in the library with over 750 items in 12 sub-categories.

  • 160 Sinks
  • 80 Taps
  • 10 Diswashers
  • 30 Kitchen Islands
  • 91 Wall/Misc. Cabinets
  • 112 Base Cabinet units
  • 37 Cupboards
  • 8 Countertops
  • 20 Refrigerators
  • 38 Cooktops & Stoves
  • 25 Misc Appliances
  • 173 Accessories & Food

Furniture and lighting:

SketchUp recessed light component

Artemide Recessed W

Ceiling lamp

Ceiling Lamp 36

Suspended light fixture

Ceiling Lamp 18

Kitchen bench

Extremis Hopper Table

Vitra Hal stool

Vitra Hal Medium Stool

Side table

Cappellini MiniSteel

Kitchen items, accessories, foods

Coffee pot SketchUp component

Coffee Pot

Bunch of bananas

Bunch of Bananas


Eggs 01


Cups 07

Bread box

Bread Box 01

Glass jars

Glass Jars

SketchUp plates component

Plates 01

Decorative tray

Tray 02

Fruit salad

Fruit Salad

Fruit bowl

Fruit Bowl 03


Set of knives

Kitchen towel

Kitchen Towel 01

Electronics, plants, miscellaneous

3D home theater system component

Home Theater 05


Books 04

Table decoration

VP Table Decoration


Versace Plates

Samsung TV

Samsung TV 02

Ikea curtain

Ikea Matilda Curtain


Books 08

Electrical outlets

EU Modular Outlets


Book 10

3D dracaena Podium Browser


Decorative pot

Pot 11 - White

Fredo Round Corner - Gary's image is an excellent illustration of what a difference Fredo's RoundCorner plugin can make in a rendering. RoundCorner gives you the ability to select an edge and apply smooth bevel or chamfer. Notice in the adjacent image how much extra lighting/reflection detail a beveled edge can capture—without RoundCornder the vertical column would not catch a strong highlight the way it does.

Render settings:

The scene has no artificial light, so rendering is just a matter of setting a shadow angle and choosing a preset. For a space like this, the final render would most likely be completed with Interior High though Interior Bright High could be used if more light was needed.

Gary is also quite adept at post-processing. He uses photoshop to make final lighting, color, and contrast adjustments, though the same fine-tuning could be done in Podium Image Editor.

Fredo roundcorner demonstration

Podium Browser is included with the purchase of an SU Podium V2.6 license, or you can purchase Podium Browser alone for $99 / year.

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