Podium Browser free vs. paid content

Limited free content: When you install SU Podium or Podium Browser 2020, you gain access to around 950 free Podium Browser items; typically one or two in most categories.

Click "Show only free files" to if you only want to view the free content. Free content includes:

  • Over 300 render ready light fixture components in the ceiling, floor, street, table, and wall categories.
  • A large collection of 2D face me plants in the 2D plants and 2D trees categories.
  • One or two Podium materials from each Material category.
  • 3D car models with Podium render ready materials.
  • One item in most other categories, including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.

The 3D light fixtures come with SU Podium V2 omni lights or LEMs and are render ready. This means all you need to do is click and drop the light fixtures into your SketchUp model, position the light fixture and it’s ready to render.

The 2D face-me plants and trees can be used for Podium renderings as well as for modeling in SketchUp.

If you do not have a Paid category content license and click on a Paid content thumbnail you will see this message.

Purchase the Paid category content license to unlock all the Paid content.

 Paid Content: What is in it?

Paid Content categories contain over 20,000 render ready components and materials in addition to the free content. Paid content is added every month and includes:

  • Hundreds of 3D plants and trees
  • Hundreds of 2D face-me plants
  • 3D cars and vehicles including current models
  • Thousands of render-ready light fixtures in various categories
  • Hundreds of Podium Materials
  • Thousands of render ready furniture and household items in many categories including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinning room, office, electronic, decoration, hardware & construction
  • Hundreds of assemblies of furniture and appliances for kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, bathroom and public places
  • Windows, doors, and exterior components for architectural modeling
  • Environment items including cloud domes, buildings, houses, 2D and panoramic backgrounds.
  • Hundreds of 2D face-me people

Paid content is updated monthly with new content and does NOT require additional purchases once you have purchased an SU Podium V2.6 license, or standalone 1-year Podium Browser license. To see the latest uploads, change the sorting to "New to old" in the upper right corner of the interface, or take a look at the What's New web page.

Podium Browser 2020 (standalone) is currently $99.00 USD for a one year license, or purchase an SU Podium V2.6 commercial license for $249 to gain permanent access to Podium Browser paid content.

Web server based: Because the content resides on a Cadalog, Inc. web servers, updates can be made without requiring the user to download and reinstall software. Updates to Podium Browser paid content are made every month.

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