Adjusting the brightness of Podium Browser lights

This video shows how to change the brightness of a Podium Browser light by selecting the omni light manually and altering the light power in Podium Light System. This method is still valid, however the video linked at the bottom of this page demonstrates some faster/newer ways to select Podium lights using Light Fixture Outliner.

What is Light Power?

In the Podium Light System interface, the "Light Power" setting controls the brightness of the light.

Podium Browser lights use a default "light power" of one. In most cases this serves as a reasonable approximation of a 40 to 60 watt residential bulb, and provides users a huge number of lighting options that can be dropped into a scene very quickly.

Most of our light fixtures also three dynamic component settings available to users: Off, Incandescent, and Halogen. Choosing the incandescent dynamic setting will give your light a warm, yellowish cast, while the halogen setting uses a cooler hue.

How do you change Light Power for a Podium Browser light fixture?

There are many cases when you might want to either increase or decrease the brightness of a Podium Browser light — for example, if the light is very near a wall and is creating a "blown out" highlight on the wall surface, you might want to tone down the light power of that fixture.

Most of our Podium Browser light components use an Omnidirectional point light to cast illumination into your scene. To change the ligh power, drill down in to the light fixture component until you can select the omni light, and then change the light power in the Podium Light System dialog. This is demonstrated in the video at the top of the page.

SU Podium V2.6 - Use Light Fixture Outliner instead.

Because Podium Browser lights often use nested components, it can be difficult to select the light from inside the SketchUp viewport. SU Podium V2.6 has a tool called light fixture outliner, which makes this much easier.

Go to Extensions > SU Podium V2.6 > Tools > Light Fixture Outliner to access LFO.

Watch the following video for more information on Light Fixture Outliner, and how to manage artificial lights in SU Podium V2.6.

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